September and Stuff

So, September is here, the kids have gone back to school and I’ve been gaming like crazy, Dead Island 2, Deus Ex, Driver San Francisco and Space Marine have been keeping me off the streets and I still have Gears of War 3 and FIFA 12 to get excited about over the coming weeks. Anyway, just a short one today to show off some stuff, first we have a couple of new posts over at Split Infinity Radio, check them out, and us for your amusement over at and of course tune in and hear us in all our glory.

Also, this month it’s been the turn of The Dirty Youth with “Fight” to be song of the month, and here, just for you is their video.

Other than that, it’s been a quiet one but this Sunday brings Gamefest to Birmingham,  look out for news and blogs from me here and at Split Infinity Radio, and until next time be good, and if you can’t be good, don’t get caught!



About djvillan

I've been a DJ at Split Infinity Radio for over three years now and thought it was time to actually start a blog to promote what I do as well as put my various reviews, views and misanthropic thoughts online for all to see.

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