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It’s My Time of the Month Again…

It’s that time of the month again where I bring you another song of the month, and this time we have yet another doozy from this side of the pond. Hailing from Cardiff, Wales we have The Dirty Youth, an upcoming new band that are reminiscent of Paramore with a more metallic twist. Their new single “Fight” is about to be released on September 5th and is already receiving reviews all over the internet, showcasing yet another of the UK’s soon to be hottest’s time to welcome The Dirty Youth as September’s band of the month, who right noware following in the footsteps of Alexa De Strange and their awesome track Babydoll (which has spent the last three weeks on the top sopt of SI Radio’s listener charts) Check The Dirty Youth out here at their Facebook page and check out a snippet of their single here.

The Dirty Youth-Hear their single "Fight" throughout September on my shows

Like what you see and hear here? Check out The Dirty Youth on each of my shows throughout September on Split Infinity Radio


Villan’s Time of the Month

Yes, it’s that time of the month where I like to grab my hot water bottle and Cookie Monster pyjamas and sit around on my fat arse eating chocolate, drinking tea and….hang on, this is pretty much an average day for me isn’t it?

But, yes I have torn myself away from my XBOX for more than five minutes to reveal August’s Song of the Month.

This month we have the UK’s very own Alexa De Strange, a band that are not only unique and tuneful, but also a band that have a great image that makes burlesque not only sexier than sexy, but also gives it a dark twist that creates something worth seeing and hearing by all.

Alexa De Strange, unique and well worth a listen

Musically they’re a lot of things, hard to put a finger on and shoehorn into one specific genre, so judge for yourselves the song and video, Babydoll from Alexa De Strange.


For more info you can check Alexa De Strange, or to give them their full name Alexa De Strange and the Sisters of Seduction at the Paranoise Records site here or on their Facebook here.

Babydoll will be played on my shows throughout August, and if you do take time to visit, tell them who sent you, I like the attention 😀

In an addition to this Babydoll has stormed the SI Radio Charts, number 1 this week and many daily number 1’s from listener votes. Check this song out on and bask in it’s awesomeness!