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X Men First Class Review

Big and exciting things are always expected from our summer blockbusters, especially where super heroes are concerned. So far, we’ve already had Thor, Green Lantern is just around the corner, and the pant-wettingly awesome concept of Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury in next year’s The Avengers is enough to make me want, no NEED to watch that film now. But the real big one from Marvel this summer is probably prequel to X-Men-X-Men First Class.

In short, that’s exactly what this film is. First class. Everything about it smacks of a smart, stylish script that really does do the franchise justice and helps restore faith in a world that produced the third X-Men film, Elektra, Ghost Rider and countless other cinematic abortions that Marvel really should have left on the cutting room floor. Preferably when the cutting room was on fire.

Michael Vaughn has done us all proud here, directing what could be a template for future comic book adaptations, and actually making the X-Men seem as cool and as interesting as Watchmen when it was released a couple of years back.

The only thing that lets this film down is really a misconception. I’m sure a lot of people out there are thinking “whoop-de-do!” and bemoaning yet another prequel that, let’s face it seems like too fashionable a concept in movies these days, but that misconception is just that. You could almost forget while watching First class that it’s a prequel, and that it’s a movie in a franchise that’s all it’s own.

Impressive performances are the norm here too, James McAvoy makes a perfect young Xavier, and his use of the word “groovy” doesn’t even seem out of place for a character so usually po-faced and serious. Other notable performances come from Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique and Kevin Bacon as the evil Sebastian Shaw.

The show was pretty much stolen by Michael Fassbender. An actor who played the role with ease, like it was written just for him. He could well be a name to look out for in the future, he seems to have that certain something that could land him a role as James Bond, well, a German James Bond anyway.

I don’t really want to say much about the storyline here other than it is the usual, good guys go after bad guys and save the planet, and that the ending is left open for a sequel to the prequel. All in all, very stylish and a must for all comic book fans. X-Men First Class is very convincing in it’s genre and needs to be seen by anyone who appreciates anything about the Marvel universe.