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It’s My Time of the Month Again…

It’s that time of the month again where I bring you another song of the month, and this time we have yet another doozy from this side of the pond. Hailing from Cardiff, Wales we have The Dirty Youth, an upcoming new band that are reminiscent of Paramore with a more metallic twist. Their new single “Fight” is about to be released on September 5th and is already receiving reviews all over the internet, showcasing yet another of the UK’s soon to be hottest’s time to welcome The Dirty Youth as September’s band of the month, who right noware following in the footsteps of Alexa De Strange and their awesome track Babydoll (which has spent the last three weeks on the top sopt of SI Radio’s listener charts) Check The Dirty Youth out here at their Facebook page and check out a snippet of their single here.

The Dirty Youth-Hear their single "Fight" throughout September on my shows

Like what you see and hear here? Check out The Dirty Youth on each of my shows throughout September on Split Infinity Radio


Poverty, My Arse!

So, what can I say? Again, I set up a blog and end up neglecting it, not writing my thoughts, musings and meanderings then sharing them with the world. I’m a bad person, I need punishing, I need to actually stop playing video games for more than five minutes and actually write something.

The "icon" of the 2011 riots

So, I have to start this new set of blogs by mentioning the riots. Yes, our great unwashed, inbred collection of scumbags rose up from underneath the dog turds outside Argos to cause all manner of destruction and idiocy in the name of “poverty” yes poverty! A ragtag crew of fuckwits and idiots organised riots on Facebook and Blackberry Messenger with equipment worth hundreds of pounds. While wearing expensive trainers. Yes, poverty….fuckwits.

This is poverty, I see no Blackberry

Trains were delayed, buses suspended, shops were looted, set alight and had windows broken. People were beaten up, and most appallingly five people were killed in what can only be called a mindless, murderous rampage that spanned four nights, more locations than the rioters can probably count, and sickeningly all in the name of poverty.

A bus on fire

See, if the truth be told poverty was the furthest thing on these morons minds the second they heard that some idiot with a gun got shot in Tottenham.

The twat with the gun

All that was on their minds was….well, nothing they don’t have minds, just cartoon squiggles and bits of half eaten chewing gum where their brains should be. Poverty wasn’t the issue here, making a scapegoat of a rash decision which may have been right at the end of the day was the real issue. And it allowed a bunch of animals to get their grubby little paws on new trainers and electrical goods. Every time they bandy the word “poverty” now I still hear the sane and rational part of the nation facepalm in unison.

Oooohhhhhh Poverty you say?

Since then people have still asked why? Why are the youth so disaffected? Why did this happen? Have our schools really failed this much? Have our government really failed them? How sad! How Heartbreaking How…..utterly fucking ridiculous. As I explained, grubby people wanted to get their grubby hands on free stuff. Disaffected youth? Are we talking about the middle classes who joined in? The mindless cretins trying their ill gotten gains on in various shops? The scarf wearing hoodlums? Who knows? But disaffected? These people who came up with this notion want to try being an ethnic minority, out of work and disabled just like me for most of my adult life. Do I riot, no? I complain on the internet, sulk and play video games instead.

"Disaffected" youth getting hassle or some such nonsense

And where was our Prime Minister? On holiday. Yes, he came back to “heroically” sort out the mess and promise to compensate those that lost their homes, property and businesses before complaining that he should claim his expenses back for the holiday he was taking, while no doubt hiding from the backlash of his last stupid fucking decision.

David Cameron reacts as he figures out how to talk and blink at the same time

He allowed police special powers to disperse rioters and give them (in  my interpretation) the jolly good kicking they deserved. Four days late, which oddly was the day rain stopped play and the idiots sought solace under their dog turds. Which turned four days of rioting and supposed political and social protest into idiot anarchist’s cricket. Well done Mr. Cameron, have a gold star and crayons, now don’t eat them, there’s a good lad.

No David, NOT food!

So in conclusion, I thought I’d write a little rant about what has happened in the UK recently, just so I can say “Poverty My arse!” online and use a picture of Jim Royle in a blog written by a misanthropic moaning radio DJ pretending to be a socio-political commentator when he really should stick do doing what he does best, and making inappropriate remarks onair and talking about videogames…

So here goes….

Poverty! My arse!

Villan’s Time of the Month

Yes, it’s that time of the month where I like to grab my hot water bottle and Cookie Monster pyjamas and sit around on my fat arse eating chocolate, drinking tea and….hang on, this is pretty much an average day for me isn’t it?

But, yes I have torn myself away from my XBOX for more than five minutes to reveal August’s Song of the Month.

This month we have the UK’s very own Alexa De Strange, a band that are not only unique and tuneful, but also a band that have a great image that makes burlesque not only sexier than sexy, but also gives it a dark twist that creates something worth seeing and hearing by all.

Alexa De Strange, unique and well worth a listen

Musically they’re a lot of things, hard to put a finger on and shoehorn into one specific genre, so judge for yourselves the song and video, Babydoll from Alexa De Strange.


For more info you can check Alexa De Strange, or to give them their full name Alexa De Strange and the Sisters of Seduction at the Paranoise Records site here or on their Facebook here.

Babydoll will be played on my shows throughout August, and if you do take time to visit, tell them who sent you, I like the attention 😀

In an addition to this Babydoll has stormed the SI Radio Charts, number 1 this week and many daily number 1’s from listener votes. Check this song out on and bask in it’s awesomeness!